A/C Repair and Maintenance

A/C Repair & Maintenance

Whether you need air conditioning repair of a window, split, packaged or an entire HVAC system, our experienced Air Conditioning Engineers will provide fast, high-quality and high reliability service you can depend on. Our company serves residential and commercial premises in Dubai and other adjoining Emirates.

Regular and periodic servicing of Air conditioning Units saves money. In case regular and periodic servicing of Air Conditioning Units is not performed, A/C unit loses its efficiency and thereby cooling effect. So in order to maintain comfortable temperature the Compressor of Air Conditioning Unit remains ON for more time increasing its wear and tear as well as increasing energy consumption. Thus regular servicing is small cost for good saving in Monthly Electric Bills.

It costs much less to do periodic maintenance and servicing than to repair or replace an existing air conditioning system. We have tailor made maintenance packages for your varied needs covering domestic or commercial air conditioning units.